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Value protection systems and Vaults

Burglars look for money and jewelry, not for a safe. When searching, especially in offices or bedrooms, mostly everything will be rumpled. If the burglar finds a vault early on he directs his attention only to it and will leave the rest of the house intact. 


Therefore, the safe should be visible and strong. The burglar will try to open or to take it wit him. We are happy to advise you how do you make his life difficult and to protect your valuables and heirlooms.


Malloth Sicherheitstechnik is geared help you protect your valuables in the most competent and professional manner. As partner of Waldis Tresore AG Rümlang in the Engadine, we offer safe and esthetic safes of the Varrit ® Optima line, not only to protect but also to present your valuables and heirlooms in a worthy and stylish manner. Finally, opening the safe to take or replace your valuables will be an enjoyable endeavour. 


For assistance in the choice of Varrit ® safes, safe and value shelters and security doors, certified all in accordance with the relevant European standards, please do contact us.



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